• Attention parents and guardians in need of child care: You may contact the Child Care Resource and Referral Agency in your county. CCR&Rs will have the most up to date information on available care options and subsidies.  Go to: www.nj.gov/dcf/coronavirus 
    For up-to-date information about COVID-19 as it pertains to Gloucester County, Our State, and beyond, feel free to visit this website:  
    The State of New Jersey has established a website for all of its citizens to access for accurate information about COVID-19. To find services, information, updates, and announcements, please visit: 



    Attention Swedesboro-Woolwich residents, a Facebook group has been created as a way for residents to connect those in need with those able to assist. This group does not take the place of governmental services, rather just a way for neighbors to help neighbors during this crisis.

    The group is called "Woolwich Twp Community COVID Outreach". Please join the page and direct other residents to this additional resource.