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    Our school day 8:25-3:00
    First Day of School  
    Another very important form to fill out and return on that first day is the TRANSPORTATION FORM.  Please CAREFULLY fill this out based on how your child will be arriving and leaving school this year.
    Dismissal Changes 
    Any time there is a dismissal change please fill out a communication note and REMIND your child to make sure they give it to me right when they come in!
    Take Home Folder 
    This folder will come home with your child each night. Please check for any important information or papers that may need to be signed and returned. Be sure to remove any papers that do not need to be returned. This will help with organization! 
    Assessment Folders 
    Assessments will come home in a separate Assessment Folder.  Please review the assessments with your child to better understand the skills they are learning and may be struggling with.  Please sign the assessment parent signature page and return ALL assessments back to school inside the folder. You will get all assessments back at the end of each trimester.
    Your child's homework should only take approximately 20-30 minutes each night.  In addition, 15 minutes daily of at home reading is strongly encouraged to build reading fluency and understanding.  Each evening your child should complete an activity in Reading/LA/Spelling and Math.  If you see your child having difficulty with homework, please let us know. Please check and sign the assignment book each night. We are working with the class daily to learn how to use this assignment book. 
    Day A- World Cultures
    Day B- Music
    Day C- Gym
    Day D- Art
    Day E- Gym
    Day F- Steam
Last Modified on August 31, 2022