• “We Can Do It”

    Classroom Rules


    I Can…

    • Treat others with respect

    • Always do my best

    • Use inside voices

    • Play safely

    • Be responsible

    • Share our class materials

    • Make good choices

    • Follow directions


    “Ready to Shine”

    Behavior Chart/Consequences


    Every child will begin the day on the “Ready to Shine” section.   If they are doing wonderful they will move up the chart, but if they are having an off day then they will move down the chart.


    The chart is…

    Super Nova = Students on here at the end of the day will get to pick from the prize box

    Shooting Star = Students here are having an awesome day.

    Shining Bright = Students here are doing a great job today.

    Ready to Shine = Students here are following the rules and being a good friend.

    Growing Dim = Students here have been warned to make better choices.

    Falling Star = Students here will either lose free time or recess time.

    In the Dark = Students here will lose recess and get a note sent home about their behavior.

    • If a student continues to stay “In the Dark” then the principal will be informed of behaviors.

Last Modified on September 1, 2020