• Hello Partners in Learning,
    Please follow the steps to setup your child's Google Classroom.

    For review, the login information is below:

                       username:  xxxx@swsdk6.com which is the 4digitlunchcode@swsdk6.com
                       password:   mmddyyswsd (6 digit birthdate) so if your son or daughter was born on September 3, 2011, the password would be 090311swsd
    • When you are in Google Classroom, click on the big plus sign on the top right, click on 'join class' and enter the two separate class codes below to join the Math/Science class  and the ELA class.
    • Class code for Math Cohort A: 5gwu7gt
    • Class code for Math Cohort B: e4kohkp  
    • Class code for ELA: atspd62 (Yes, there is the same login for both cohorts 😀)
    Please email us if you have any questions.  We look forward to meeting you tonight and working with your child this year!
    Stay well,
    Eileen Healey and Rebekah Schultz
Last Modified on September 3, 2020