• Class Schedule


    School starts each day at 8:45 and ends with dismissal beginning at 3:21.  Our class has specials split up during the week: on A, B, and F days we have special from 11:50-12:30 (5th period) and on C, D, and E days we have special from 1:56-2:36 (8th period). Lunch is from 12:32-1:12 (6th period) and recess is from 1:14-1:34 (7th period) each day.  


    NOTE: On early dismissal days student dismissal begins at 1:23pm.  Students will have A, B, and F day special from 10:58-11:25, and C, D, and E day special from 12:25-12:52. Lunch will be from 11:27-11:54 these days.


    Our specials run on an A-F schedule.  This means that even when we have a four day week, the specials schedule stays in tact.  


    Day A: Gym

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    Day B:  Art

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    Day C: Music

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    Day D: Library

    Kids Library Stock Illustrations – 5,109 Kids Library Stock Illustrations,  Vectors & Clipart - Dreamstime

    Day E: Gym

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    Day F:  Technology


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