• Frequently Asked Questions 

      What is the ACES Program?

      The ACES program provides specialized instruction for those students who have been identified as needing additional assistance in order to achieve basic competency in reading, language arts, and math.
      How did my child qualify for ACES?  
      Students are identified through their performance on standardized tests,  DIAL testing, classroom assessments, report card grades and their child's current teacher's recommendation.
      How often does my child receive ACES services?
      Students who participate in the program receive 30 minutes of additional instruction 1-5 days per week.
      What curriculum does the ACES program follow? 
      The ACES teachers utilize scientifically based programs mainly geared towards more intensive intervention.
      What is the difference between the instruction in the classroom and in the ACES program?
      ACES instruction employs materials and resources that are geared towards keeping students up to grade-level standards. In addition, the ACES program provides a small group setting, either in the student's classroom or the ACES teacher's classroom, allowing the ACES teacher to concentrate more attention on the student's area of need.
      Can my child exit the ACES program?
      Yes, that is the goal of the ACES program. Once an ACES teacher documents student success from the program, he or she will monitor the student without services for "6-8 weeks" before "officially exiting" the student from the program. Parents will be notified if the student is successful without services in the classroom setting.