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The Stephen C Kreps Scholarship Fund

The Stephen C. Kreps Scholarship Fund

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Nature’s Sentinel

By: Steve Kreps

You were forged majestically ages ago in a time known only to nature.
And still today you stand silent, your face weathered by wind and time.
You guard over all who gaze upon you as you bask in sun by day and covered by stars at night.
Trees line your side like green stripes of nature as waters below roll softly and swiftly by.
You stand as nature’s mighty sentinel, guarding over her everlasting beauty and countless creatures.
It was a task you were charged with ages ago and have performed it flawlessly since the early dawn of a time long since forgotten.
Your magnificence is exceeded by none but yet inspires all.
May you continue to inspire as you sit hand-in-hand with nature in a silence so golden.
I leave you now like so many others, amazed and inspired.
May you continue to impact all who visit you.
Fare thee well my friend, fare thee well, Nature’s sentinel.

Gone but not Gone

By:Michelle Markellos

The halls fall silent, the bells ring on…
An emptiness swallows the building,
gone but not gone. 

Moments of stillness, memories live on,
Inspiration and greatness,
gone but not gone. 

Music blasting from his doorway each and every morning,
With a loud “Hello” and a larger than life grin.

He had a voice that could be heard from miles away,
And a laugh that echoed in every stairway. 

Comical announcements, basketball commentary,
A love of sports and Science, and talking of his family. 

An anchor that made us feel so safe and so still,
He is the voice, the soul, the heartbeat of Hill. 

Gone but not gone, his lessons live on,
Whether in the classroom or about, Kreps LIVED his life out,
And so we must too….Live on through
Our loss is not in vain, for his value will remain

If we can pass on his legacy ..
Treat your friends like family,
Love what you do, stay true to you,
Tell people you love them every chance you get, and never forget,

He is gone but not gone, and never goodbye
 Just “Ta ta for now”, keep looking out big guy. 

Please click on the link below to donate to the Scholarship Fund: 

The Stephen C. Kreps Memorial Scholarship was established in memory of Steve Kreps, 6th grade teacher at the Walter Hill School who died unexpectedly in 2019 doing what he loved. Mr. Kreps taught for 27 years at the Walter Hill School impacting the lives of thousands of students, parents, and staff who passed through the school. Mr. Kreps was one of the most genuine and caring individuals you could hope to meet. He had an incredible ability to make science come alive while recognizing that each individual may need to learn differently. The selected recipient of this award must display/demonstrate the desire to help others. It is the heart and character of the person, not their grades that make them worthy of this award.   Eligibility Criteria:   A student who attended the Walter Hill School and plans to attend a 4 year college majoring in education    A student who attended the Walter Hill School and plans to attend a 4 year college majoring in science   A student who attended the Walter Hill School and plans to attend RCGC's 3 + 1 Education Program

The Stephen C. Kreps Memorial Scholarship Application

‘No greater legacy.’ 6 life lessons

Stephen Kreps

Stephen Kreps was a teacher for more than three decades.