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Advanced Math Parent Information



Starting in the 2017-2018 School Year, Swedesboro-Woolwich School District, in response to staff, parent, and board of education feedback requesting more opportunities for our students excelling in math, introduced an Advanced Math course in grades 5-6.  

Selection for the program is determined using multiple criteria,  and selecting the top 20% of students based on their assessment results. 

Criteria for the 2023-2024 year selection includes: iReady fall, math, and spring scores, Big Ideas End Of Year Assessment, and Teacher Observation based on behaviors that support learning. Students will be re-evaluated every year to determine placement for advanced math.  *Note: Placement in 6th grade Pre-Algebra is determined based on previous experience in 5th Grade Advanced Math along with the Pre-Algebra Screening Assessment administered at the end of 5th grade.

Once placed, students will be working at a faster and more independent pace and they will be assessed on both their grade level standards and the above grade level standards. Pacing of this course will not be altered. Therefore, if a student's performance becomes a concern as a result of this placement, families and/or the district both retain the right to recommend movement to a general education math course. 

At any point, families can reach out to their child's teacher and request their child NOT continue in the Advanced Math class.  In addition, placement in either the Advanced Math class or the Pre-Algebra class does not guarantee advanced placements, including Algebra I, at Kingsway Middle School.  All questions regarding Math Placements in Grades 7 and above can be directed to Kingsway Middle School administration.

Any questions about the Advanced Math and Pre-Algebra Programs should be directed to your child's teacher, building principal, or the curriculum office at or

Click HERE to read Research and Proven Practices by Dr. John Hattie (Research behind Advanced Math).

Current Programs being utilized in Advanced Math Classes & Pre-Algebra

Big Ideas