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Gifted and Talented


    Gifted and Talented (G&T)    
    Students in Grades K-2, who are identified as intellectually gifted, are enriched within the classroom through curriculum differentiation. The aim is to remove the ceiling on what is learned and promote creativity and higher level cognitive skills. Such extended learning opportunities are designed to support individual learning needs and are identified and provided through collaboration between the classroom teacher and the building administrator. Please go to our  Comet Time Page for more information on enrichment opportunities in Grades K-2, including acceptance criteria.

Students in Grades 3-6, who are identified as intellectually gifted, are enriched through a Gifted and Talented program. G&T programs run in conjunction with the six-day cycle (Days A-F) for the calendar year. G&T classes are usually held one to two times per week.  Students who are selected to be in the G&T program will receive a letter by mid-September.   Click HERE to see the G&T Selection Criteria and Score Distribution Matrix. 

The G&T  Program enhances the regular curriculum through special projects and/or activities based on the New Jersey Student Learning Standards, Next Generation Science Standards, 21st Century Life and Career Skills, and the National Gifted Program Standards of the National Association for Gifted Children.  In addition, the program focuses on promoting a sense of Growth Mindset in all the students to build their independence and perseverence.  

Students in the G&T program will be pulled 1-2 periods per week during their school's Comet Time period. This period is dedicated to interventions, enrichment, and Comet Cohorts.  In addition, SOME of the G&T students in Grades 3-5 may also be invited to participate in our First Lego League or Math Competitions, which may involve after-school and weekend times.  Students involved with the competitions will be contacted by the G&T teachers.   Please be aware that all G&T students must maintain both academic and behavioral excellence in school.  Failure to maintain classroom expectations may result in a program furlough or an exit from the program.

For more details regarding G&T, click  HERE for the G&T Handbook.

  In January 2020, the State of New Jersey passed a new law (CHAPTER 338) governing Gifted and Talented Education. To see the explanation and details behind this law, click HERE. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to the Office of Curriculum and Instruction.