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SWSD District Assessments


Swedesboro-Woolwich School District's Assessment Information

The following assessments are used to track student growth and progress towards goals.  If you have any specific questions regarding the assessments listed, please feel free to contact Mrs. Jamie Flick or Dr. Jennifer Garcia-Griffin in the Office of Curriculum and Instruction.

iReady Reading & Math 

  • Grades K-6 students will be assessed three times a year using iReady assessment.  The purpose is to screen students to see progress towards standards and goals. Dates to be administered: Fall- September 12-16, Winter- January 9-13, Spring- June 1-7.

Grade Level Assessments

  • Grade level assessments were created with our specific curriculum and priority standards in mind.  They are teacher created and focus on what was learned within the classroom during a specific time frame.

DIBELS (Currently Acadience Reading)

  • Students in K-2 will be provided with this assessment for phonics, fluency, and sight words needs.  This assessment is completed by the teacher and can be used as a Dyslexia Screener.  . 


  • This assessment is used as an entrance screener for all new Kindergarten students.  The DIAL-4 tests a child's motor skills (skipping, jumping, cutting, writing), conceptual skills (knowledge of colors, counting), and language skills (knowledge of letters and words, ability to solve problems). In addition, the Parent and Teacher Questionnaires measure a child's self-help skills (dressing, feeding, bathing) and social-emotional skills (getting along with others, staying on task). The skills measured by the DIAL-4 are proven to help predict a child's success in the classroom. Date to be administered summer and September for new students. March/April for incoming students for the 23-24 school year. 

Pre-Algebra Placement

  • This assessment is for grade 5 students in advanced math. It will be used to see who qualifies for pre-algebra placement. Date to be administered May 27-30. 

OLSAT Assessment

  • This assessment is for students in grade 2 and is used as part of the G & T Matrix for students entering 3rd grade. Dates to be administered March 20-24.


  • This assessment is for grades K-2 and is used in conjunction with the ARC reading program. Data sent home in November, March, and June. 

ACCESS Testing

  • This assessment is for ELL Students and will be administered February 6- March 31.

VB Mapp

  • This assessment is for all ABA classes and will be administered October 15 and March 15.