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Teacher Evaluation


  The State of New Jersey's law governing teacher evaluation is known as Achieve NJ.  The New Jersey Department of Education's website with an overview of the AchieveNJ law, and specifics of all that it entails can be found HERE.  
Swedesboro-Woolwich School District Teacher's Performance    
Click HERE for the NJ School Performance Report Card    
Marzano Teacher Evaluation Model   
The AchieveNJ law requires districts to utilize one of four state approved models for teacher evaluation, and here in Swedesboro-Woolwich, we use the teacher evaluation model developed by Dr. Robert Marzano, and based on his work in The Art and Science of Teaching.  More information regarding the Marzano system for teacher evaluation and growth can be found here.   
The Marzano Model relies on teachers incorporating "elements" from Marzano's four domains of instruction.  A copy of the Marzano Learning Map can be found by clicking this link.