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Inclusion Preschool Program

24-25 Inclusion Preschool Program

Frequently asked questions about the Inclusion Preschool Program

What is the Inclusion Preschool Program?

The Inclusion Preschool (IPS) Program is a general education program that services both students with mild concerns and special needs students with Individualized Education Plans.  Typically developing children (children without special needs) present with a mild concern in a developmental area (i.e. Motor, Social-emotional, Cognition, Adaptive, Communication).  They  are placed in the program through a screening process to determine if the Inclusion Preschool program is an appropriate fit.  Our children with special needs are placed in the program through identification, evaluation, and eligibility procedures.

Where is the Inclusion Preschool Program located?

The program is located at the Margaret Clifford School (601 Auburn Road, Swedesboro, NJ).

What are the hours of the program?

The Inclusion Preschool Program meets 2.5 hours per day, five days a week (8:45 – 11:15 AM or 12:50 – 3:20 PM).  

Who teaches the program? 

One certified teacher and one paraprofessional instruct each class.  Additional teachers and paraprofessionals are provided, as needed, according to Individualized Education Plans.  The Learning without Tears “Get Set for School” Curriculum is utilized during daily instruction.

What is the class size?  The class size can vary from 12 to 16 students.  

What about transportation?  Transportation is provided by the parents.

What are the requirements to be considered for this program?

A potential candidate for the Inclusion Preschool program must:

  1. Be a resident of the Swedesboro-Woolwich School district.

  2. Be 3 years old by May 1 for the developmentally younger preschool program. 

  3. Be 4 years old by Oct 1 for the developmentally older preschool program.  

  4. Complete a screening which will determine if the Inclusion Preschool program is an appropriate fit.  

  5. Be fully potty trained.

  6. Commit to a 5 day/week program with transportation arrangements handled by the family.

How do I get my child screened for the Inclusion Preschool Program?

If you have mild concerns regarding your child and your child meets the requirements, the next step is to complete the Inclusion Preschool Parent Questionnaire 2024-25

You will be contacted via email at a later date to set up a screening for your child. If you do not have access to technology, please contact the Special Services office for the form(s) to be mailed.

Do you take AM or PM requests?

If your child has a unique and special circumstance that necessitates either an AM or PM request, please include this circumstance on the Inclusion Preschool Parent Questionnaire.  Requests will be taken into consideration but cannot be guaranteed.  Please note that a child’s napping schedule is not considered a special circumstance.  

What if my child is age eligible for kindergarten but I am concerned that he/she is not ready?

The Inclusion Preschool Program is not intended to be a delay year for kindergarten.  If your child is age eligible for kindergarten, parents are encouraged to have their child complete the school district’s kindergarten DIAL screening and contact Ms. Jackie Traini, Margaret Clifford School principal, at 241-1552 ext. 3000 for further guidance regarding your child’s Kindergarten readiness.

What if I am specifically concerned about my child’s speech development?  

Admission into the Inclusion Preschool Program does not mean the provision of speech-language services. Speech-language services are provided to students who have been fully evaluated, found eligible for services, and consequently have an Individualized Education Plan. The screening for the Inclusion Preschool Program is separate from a full speech-language evaluation.  If you have concerns specific to your child’s speech, contact Heather Worrell at Special Services for further guidance at or (856) 241-1552 ext. 1010.

Now that my child has been screened, what happens next?

Families are notified by July 31st regarding the appropriateness of the Inclusion Preschool Program.  If the program has been determined appropriate for your child, you must complete registration requirements with the school registrar, Christina Panebianco (856) 241-1552 ext 1006 or via email ).  Most of the registration can be completed online at the district website but also involves the submission of supporting documents.