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Comet Code of Conduct

Swedesboro-Woolwich Transportation Department

Comet Code of Conduct

  • Be at the bus stop before the bus arrives-drivers are not required to wait for late students

  • Be on time to the bus stop- arrive 10 minutes before assigned time- allow 10 minutes past time

  • Maintain social distance at the bus stop

  • Never stand in the roadway; keep to the side

  • Do not damage surrounding property while waiting

  • Behave in a safe way while waiting

  • Wait for the driver to signal to cross the road

  • Wear a mask

  • Never push, crowd, shove or argue over being first on bus – You have assigned seats

  • Sit in your assigned seat

  • WEAR SEAT BELT- Sit facing forward- Remain seated at all times

  • Keep aisle clear (legs, book bags, musical instruments, etc. should not be obstructing the aisle)

  • Remain seated until it is time for the bus to unload

  • Treat bus driver with respect at all times – follow directions from the driver

  • Talk in a low voice only to your neighbor

  • Keep area clean

  • Appropriate usage of phones, tablets, electronics is expected

  • Never put head or arms out of the bus windows

  • Never shout out of the window or throw out any objects

  • NO EATING OR DRINKING on the bus at any time– this includes water, candy and gum

  • Report problems to the bus driver


Riding the school bus is a privilege!