Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Lynne Bussott

I have been an educator since 2003.  This will be my 19th year teaching.  I hold a Masters of Science in Elementary Education from Nazareth College, NY and a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from Rutgers University, NJ.  I was born and raised in Monmouth County, NJ. At the start of my career in 2003, my family lived in Rochester, New York where I taught at Avon Primary School for three years teaching Kindergarten and First Grade.  We relocated  to NJ in 2006, and I have been with Swedesboro Woolwich teaching grades 1 and 2 for the past 16 years. In 2012-2013, as a first grade teacher,  I was named the Governor Charles C. Stratton Teacher of the Year. This year, 2020-2021 I have been named Stratton's Teacher of the Year as a second grade teacher. This is my second year serving as my district's Academic Team Lead for Second Grade. I  have been the ACES homeroom for 16 years and the ESL homeroom for 8 years. My family resides in Swedesboro, and our three children, John (27), Joseph (24), and Lauren (21) attended SWSD and are graduates of Kingsway Regional High School.  A proud mom, I like to boast that my eldest son John holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Rowan College, my middle son Joseph is a United States Airforce Airman First Class and my daughter Lauren is pursuing an Art Degree in Education at Rowan. 

As a community member, I advocate for our environment. For the past 4 years, I have volunteered on the Swedesboro-Woolwich  Environmental Commission where we educate the community on proper recyling at events throughout the year.   As co-chairperson of the SWEC, I worked closely with the New Jersey Bluebird Society to monitor North Eastern Bluebird Boxes at Tranquility Trail, Locke Ave and High Hill Parks.  In 2019 we won the Association of New Jersey Environmental Commission's (ANJEC) Open Space Stewardship Grant for the habitat enhancement and conservation of the Eastern Bluebird. We sponsor the community garden at the Woolwich Township Muncipal Building and participate in annual community clean ups at our Lake Narraticon Park.

I am always looking for ways to teach our children to care for our community and the environment through project based learning.  Project based learning provides meaningful instruction where students make choices that determine the outcome.  It bridges gaps in equity and fosters human connections, positive relationships, and community involvement.  In 2018 and 2019 my class participated in the Philadelphia Zoo's UNLESS contest to take action for wildlife and the environment.  We participated in conservation projects within our community to save endangered species and promoted water conservation, waste reduction, and public awareness of climate change.  In 2018 we took 2nd place and in 2019 we were designated as Honorable Mention.  For our 2018 project, our mascot was the Golden Panamanian Frog. Students raised funding for ELKAY hydration stations for our district's 4 schools through the sale of reusable water bottles.  To promote conservation of the Golden Lion Tamarin, my students worked with a community non profit organization, Curb My Clutter and raised funds to donate back to Trees for GLTs. They hosted GLT Education day, where they taught other first and second grade students at the Stratton school proper recylcing. In 2020 my class participated in the TREX recycling challenge. Our school acted as a recycling center for plastic film bags.  We recycled 441 pounds of plastic bags and films  coming in 8th place for the Northeastern region of the United States. To promote Social Emotional Learning and reduce stress and anxiety this year, my class is growing vegetables from seeds that were later transplanted to our community garden.  I directed a SWSD Kids Gardening Club this summer where students attended twice a week to grow cucumbers, tomatoes, peas, beans, and peppers alongside milkweed plants and sunflowers.  We are working with Save Our Monarch.Org by selling milkweed seeds tto raise funds for a donation back to the organization to help conservation efforts for the Monarch Butterfly.  Students observed ecocystem inerdependence, plant and animal life cycles, worked in the garden, took nature walks, observed pollinators, while promoting community involvlement, developing their leadership and teamwork skills that will create positive and supportive relationships on diverse teams. 

At my core, I believe all children have value. As the English Language Learner homeroom, I teach students from different cultural backgrounds that speak another language in their home.  I work with MIss Kylie Cromptom, the ESL teacher for grades 1-2. We promote equitable access to technology for my ELL students and their families, often visiting their homes in the community to bring them chromebooks or incentive goodie bags.  This summer we partnered to teach a 4 week ESL summer program twice a week. Last Summer I taught Virtual Summer School to the district ELL students in grades 2 and 3.  This 4 week program integrated language arts with thematic science units. This Winter I particpated in our virtual ESL Family events, Learning Google Classroom for Parents with a Spanish Interpreter and Family Flag Bingo with district ESL teachers.  I currently provide after school tutoring on my lunch hour to 3 of my ELL students twice a week. Additionally, I participate in the Parent Outreach Professional Learning Community with our district ESL teachers and Stratton's ESL homeroom teachers and have joined our districts equity committee. In all efforts to bridge gaps in equity, I encourage my children to embrace their race, their cultural identity and to celebrate our beautiful diversity.

As the ACES homeroom for students that are provided intervention and support in academic areas, I also believe my families want what is best for their child and will partner with me to be an advocate for children of all intellects and abilities.  I work closely with my ACES teacher, Mrs. Stingle to collaborate on scheduling push in and pull out services that provide small group opportunties to layer our instruction. We conference with families more frequently to gain insights into that child's story. We listen and as Dr. Gholdy Muhammad says, "find ways to cultivate their genius and elevate their joy."  As a partner in your child's learning, I will support and nurture your child through differentiated instruction that is designed with their ability, their identity, and their intellect. Children should have the opportunity to see themselves. As their teacher, I will provide a brave place to learn that is culturally and historically responsive and fosters their self confidence.  

I look forward to working with you as a partner in your child's education.  If there is anything you would like to let me know about your son or daughter, please send me an email.  

 Thank you!

Lynne Bussott




Last Modified on August 25, 2021