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    Open House is August 31 4-6
    Our First Day of School is.....September 6, 2022
    Student Arrival Time  8:35-8:45
    Student Dismissal Time 3:08-3:30
    Welcome New Second Graders! 
    We have 22 students in our class:)`
    I would love to hear about your child.  Please feel free to send me an email about your child to introduce them!  Send a photo of a fun summer activity or vacation and we can share it with the class if they are comfortable, as a way to get to know their classmates.  I love reading these first emails as a way to get to know your family.
    School Supplies
    Each child has a bin at the bottom of their cubby to hold their unique and individual materials. They have been given a take home folder, Fundations kit, ARC reading bag, white boards and math tool kit that will contain manipulatives or games they need for each math unit.  These materials will not be communal or shared.  Students can bring in supplies from our supply list, but I have an inventory of many extras so if a child needs a pencil box or scissors I can provide that for them.  I will reach out if we need something, but that supply list should more than cover it! 
    Reading Room Environment
    It is important to create a comfortable learning environment that is inviting for students to find places to read quietly.  Our classroom will have several tucked away spots for comfortable and even cozy reading.  They will not share this spot, it will remain their unique place to go for a 2 week period.  We will then switch out and pick new spots on a Monday after the locations have been cleaned and remain vacant or unused over the weekend.  
    September Events at Stratton
    September -  Book Fair
    September -  Back to School Night Stratton School 
    GOOGLE Classroom
    Teachers are required to maintain a google classroom.  Your student has been invited to join.    Instruction will take place in school on how to navigate google classroom.  I like to use google for publishing our writing on google docs and google slides.   Reading links will be shared on google classroom for students to read in class and at home on sites like RAZ kids, ARC bookshelf, or EPIC.  Math links will be shared and posted for students to work in class or at home for math fluency practice on sites like iReady, REFLEX math and Splash Learn.    I will post photos and messages on the stream. 
    School Messenger - Also Important
    Parents please make sure you have set up a school messenger account to receive emails and emergency updates regarding closings.

    Contact Information

    Dear Mrs. Bussott...Emails are the best way to contact me.  Phone calls and emails will be returned within 24 hours.  We will also have a class dojo account that I am setting up and will share on back to school night. 
    Dismissal Changes
    Any time there is a dismissal change please fill out a communication note and REMIND your child to make sure they give it to me right when they come in!
    Take Home Folder 
    Take Home Folder - The district provides your child with a take home folder on the first day of school.  Please check this folder each night for district flyers, PTO updates, classroom papers and completed class work.  Remove the papers please and store for your records!   (In other words...EMPTY THE FOLDER!!!)
    Assessment Folders - Red
    In order to provide feedback and provide progress monitoring, assessments will come home on Fridays.   Please review the weekly  assessments with your child to better understand our grading and report card system.  Please sign assessments and return back to school on Mondays.  THANK YOU!
    We will have a morning snack time daily. Please bring in a HEALTHY snack for your child.  Your child is allowed to have a sports (spill proof) water bottle on their desks, but no juice during snack. 
    Specials - under construction
    Our specials rotation on days A-F is back! Students will go to the following special on these days:
    A: Music
    B: PE
    E: Art
    F: Library
     Students are eating in the cafeteria and immediate outdoor recess takes place.  This year there will be two FREE choices.  One cold and one hot option.  Our lunch period is 40 minutes from 10:58-11:38  
    Classroom Celebrations
    • PTO room moms help with class parties:

      • Fall Festival (Halloween) - Celebrations held on 10/31

      • Winter Celebration (Christmas/Hanukkah) 

      • End of Year Classroom Celebration 

    • Currently, only Room Parents are permitted to attend each these events.

    • Food is NOT permitted as we will be a PEANUT free allergy room this year.

    • No food is permitted for birthday celebrations.

Last Modified on August 27, 2022