2019 Philadelphia Zoo UNLESS Contest 




    Our conservation project is to reduce landfill waste.  So we partnerered with Curb My Clutter for a fundraiser!  Every household that particpates can contribute a $10 donation to Save the Lion Tamarin!  #treesforGLTs


    Final counts from Curb From Clutter


    Our Swedesboro Woolwich community has recycled 656.6 pounds of clothing and  160.9 pounds of electronics for a grand total of  817 pounds redirected away from the landfill. $180.00 was raised from the Curb My Clutter fundraiser, with an additional $65 directly donated to SavetheLionTamarin.org for a grand total of $245 raised to replant trees in the Atlantic Forest of Brazil.  





    Project Based Learning

    In 2019 our class is participating in the Philadelphia Zoo UNLESS contest.  We picked a focus animal that was endangered, and a conservation project.  We decided to help the Golden Lion Tamarin this year!  We researched our animal and published our work!  

    GLTs    got


    In the next coming weeks we have a lot to do!  We need to create posters, banners and flyers to spread awareness about this endangered animal.  All work will be done in class during a Comet Time, Science or writing block.  Students will work in cooperative groups on a meaningful real world problem.  The project starts in October, all work must be submitted by the March 31st deadline,  and culminates in May.  All learning activities for this project integrate science,writing, reading, research, math, engineering, art, problem solving as well as character education.  


    GLT EDUCATION Day = 2nd grade, February 13, 2019

    reading station    math word problems   math station    recytcle   friends   

    GLT EDUCATION DAY - 1st grade, February 7, 2019


        GLT education Day   recycling   math center

    reading center   reading center


    Our class hosted 2 GLT education days for first and second grades in the science room.  Each 1st and 2nd grade class visited us to learn about recycling, the Golden Lion Tamarin, and work on math problems about the Golden Lion Tamarin.  My class worked as GLT coaches and taught at the three stations.  I am very proud of them!  They are learning goals, organization, planning, leadership, and real world problem solving!  


    Our Project 


    At Swedesboro-Woolwich's Governor Charles C. Stratton school, Mrs. Bussott's second graders are participating in the Philadelphia Zoo's UNLESS contest to help save an endangered species, the Golden Lion Tamarin.  This squirrel sized monkey is on the endangered list due to unplanned urban expansion, and deforestation of the Atlantic Forest of Rio e Janeiro, Brazil. Currently, only 2% of their habitat remains in small, fragmented degraded patches.

    The Endangered Golden Lion Tamarin - Our Focus Animal


    Waste Challenge - Our Solution to reduce landfill waste


    In order to raise funds to support replanting of trees, Mrs. Bussott's students  are partnering with the Swedesboro-Woolwich townships initiative to promote recycling of clothing and electronics through the Curb My Clutter service.  Curb My Clutter helps reduce landfill waste.  Currently, 97 billion tons of electronics and 27 billion tons of clothing are thrown away only to end up in our landfills.  

    Curb My Clutter is a convenient service because they come to your house and take your bags of clothing or electronics at your convenience.  A few texts to schedule your pick up, along with a picture of your items are all it takes to help these kids make a difference!  Curb My Clutter will donate $10 on behalf of every household that schedules a pick up, to the organization Save The Lion Tamarin. 

    Our team is called The Swedesboro-Woolwich Waste Watch and we encourage all families that live in Swedesboro-Woolwich to participate!  By making small changes through recycling here in our town, we can make a large global impact on the future of wildlife. We all have an important role to play in creating environmental change.


























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