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Mrs. Smith

Hello!  My name is Mrs. Smith and I am so happy to be a First Grade Teacher at The Stratton School. First Grade is an amazing year of growth so hang on and get ready for an awesome ride! 

Please feel free to email me with any questions @

 Here are some interesting facts about me:

I have been teaching First Grade for more than 20 years!  (Wow!  That's a long time!) 
I have three beautiful children and a wonderful husband.  
I have two silly dogs.  On named Daisy. One named Lacie. 
I love to read!
I love to read stories to First Graders.
I love learning.
I love teaching children to read, write, think, wonder and explore.
I can sometimes make mistakes and I don't mind when others make mistakes.  That's how we learn!
I love music and dancing.  
I love building and creating.
I love being a teacher!!!!!! 
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