Welcome to Mrs. Mastro’s

    1st  Grade Classroom Connection 

    Gov. Charles Stratton School  

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      jmastrogiacomo@swsdk6.com. Room 2117 

    Upcoming Events
    Parent Teacher Virtual Conference- 
    11/18, 11/20/ 11/23, 11/24 
    Cohort Schedules
    Monday- Tuesday: Cohort A  8:25-12:45
    Wednesday: All Virtual- Specials Day
    Thursday- Friday: Cohort B  8:25- 12:45

    1 What's To Come in First Grade...1
    • Check out the video below to see our classroom! 
    • Check back often for updates

    **If you drive to the Stratton School and look up at the building, Locate the Smile Faces... that is our class windows! There is always a face smiling at you!





Last Modified on November 13, 2020