• Things to do Over the Summer to Keep Your Brain in Shape


     Science/Social Studies
    • Watch educational programs on tv.
    • Visit historic sites in New Jersey such as Red Bank Battlefield and Fort Mott.
    • Observe the sky on a clear night.  Notice and name the phase of the moon.  Try to find constellations.


     Grammar and Spelling

    •  Keep a journal of your activities (daily or weekly) and special events.  Remember to show as much as you can with your words!  You’ll really enjoy reading this when you get older.
    • Write letters or emails to friends and relatives.  I’ll be checking my school email a few times over the summer.  I’d really enjoy hearing from you!  Here’s my email address:  smitcho@swsdk6.com 




    • READ!!!  READ!!! READ!!!  
    • Visit the local libraries.  Don’t forget…your library card is good at the Gloucester County Library. 
    • Think about a book you would like to read, but didn't get a chance to yet.  Go on-line (www.gcls.org), complete a title search, and find a library you can borrow the book from. The Gloucester County Library system  will even deliver the book to your local library for you to pick up! 
    • Read aloud to another person.  Remember to pause at commas and read with expression!



    ·         Practice your basic facts for addition, subtraction, division and multiplication.  

           Use your Prodigy.com account! It's still activated. If you forget your login information, send me an email. 

    ·         Every so often, make up a few of your own longer multiplication and division problems.  Solve and give them to an adult to check your work.

      General Ideas 


    • There is an excellent series, Summer Bridges, which can be bought at the bookstores.  This can be used to prepare your student for fifth grade.
    • Parents can also check out the website http://www.education-world.com/ for some great information on education and ideas for summer.  Don’t be afraid to visit the “teacher” sections of the website, too.  This website has many worksheets you can print for free.  They also have printables such as Sudoko puzzles, number puzzles, crossword puzzles, and word searches.
    • You can also check the school website for good links on the internet.  Many teachers have their favorite websites posted on their homepages. 






Last Modified on June 24, 2019