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    Welcome to our 3rd Grade Class Website! 

    Dear Partners in Learning, 

     This year your child will be participating in a classroom that is co-taught and we want to share some information with you about this class. Co-teaching is an approach that involves two teachers teaching the same class together by sharing expertise with students. Co-teaching is a great way to meet the diverse needs of students in today’s classrooms- from students who may need some extra support to those who may need extra challenges to stay engaged. 

     We possess different areas of expertise and will be collaborating to ensure that students’ needs are met. We will be co-planning together on a regular basis, as well as co-instructing. Sometimes we will both be in front of the class sharing instruction, while sometimes one will take the lead while the other circulates to help individual students. Often, we will divide the class into two or more groups so students can have greater opportunities for participation and individualization. We will take turns with various roles in the classroom so that students understand that we are both teachers with equal authority and expertise. We will also be working together to assess student learning and making grading decisions. 

     This is our first year co-teaching together and we are so excited about the opportunities co-teaching will provide to the students in this class. If you have any questions about co-teaching or specific questions about your child, feel free to contact us by phone or e-mail. 

     Thank you so much and we look forward to a wonderful year! ☺ 


    Joanne Ferrara & Kristen Wilkers
    3rd Grade Teachers
    Charles G. Harker School

    jferrara@swsdk6.com       kwilkers@swsdk6.com 


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