• Harker School uses the theme Comet Pride as part of Character Education and Positive Behavior Support in Schools (PBSIS). The program encourages students to demonstrate, promote, and celebrate Comet Pride.

    The program allows faculty and staff members to participate by handing out tickets to students who demonstrate positive behavior related to our six stars of stellar character. Students can earn tickets for demonstrating positive character traits in the bus lanes, in the hallways, during lunch/recess, and in the classroom. The tickets are called “Comet Cash” and the six stars of stellar character are highlighted on the “Comet Cash” so the student(s) can be recognized for demonstrating a specific trait.

    When a student is given “Comet Cash”, they will be thanked for demonstrating the character trait and told what they are being recognized for. The “Comet Cash” will then be placed in the classroom, “Comet Cash Collector”.  At the end of each month, the homeroom teacher will pull one “Comet Cash Ticket” from their “Collector” and that student will receive recognition during announcements and a Comet to place on the Comet Pride wall in the main foyer. 

    After the “Comet Pride Reward” recipients are chosen, each teacher will send their “Comet Cash” that has been collected for the month to the office. All of the “Comet Cash” will then be placed in a schoolwide “Comet Cash Collector”.  At the end of each week, one student’s name is chosen from the “Comet Cash Collector” and that student will be able to choose from a list of prizes.

    For Stellar Comet recognition, at the end of month, each grade level team will get together to choose one boy and one girl who has consistently demonstrated the six stars of stellar character. These students will receive a certificate and a small prize from the guidance counselor, will have their picture featured on the “Stellar Comets” bulletin board, and will be recognized at a Board of Education Meeting.

    Stellar Comets will also be given the opportunity to be involved in a variety of leadership opportunities throughout the year such as assisting with school tours, introducing guest speakers, and more.


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