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    5th grade drama and the 2nd grade drama!
    This year, 2017-2018, Miss Petrini will be directing BOTH 5th grade drama and 2nd grade drama!

    2018 2nd Grade Drama Club
    "Broadway Revue"
     Join the 2018 2nd Grade Drama Club!
    Parent Information
    After you sign up online, you will be sent a powerpoint presentation with lots of good information!
    December 13 and 14 4:30p-7:00p
       Parents must accompany their child to the auditons and stay with them the entire time.
    After the audition, parents and child may leave.
     You will sign up for an audition date and time when you complete the online sign-up form. 
    Audition Requirments: 
    ALL Students will sing the 1st verse of "This Land is Your Land" and recite a stanza of the Poem "Ice Cream Cake"
    This Land is your land, this land is my land
    From California to the New York Island
    From the redwood forrest
    To the Gulf Stream Waters
    This land was made for you and me!
    Ice cream cake, Ice Cream Cake
    I could eat it all day from the minute I wake.
    I wouldn’t miss peas or carrots or grapes
    If I could loads of ice cream cake!
    Rehearsals are EVERY WEEK from January until March. More information will be given soon!
    March 16 @ 7pm
    March 17 @ 1pm

    2017 5th Grade Drama Club
    November 20 & 21 
    Image result for schoolhouse rock jr.
    Our 5th grade drama club "Rocked the School House" during their performances this year! We are so proud of their hardwork and dedication! 
    Director: Dana Petrini started the 2nd grade drama club in 2010 when she was a 2nd grade teacher at the Stratton School. This year, she also directed the 5th grade show. She is now a 3rd grade teacher at the Harker School, but still directs the 2nd grade drama club. Miss Petrini has been a teacher in the district since 2008. She also runs a non-profit theater program during the summer:  www.swlittletheater.org.  Miss Petrini  loves that she can combine her passion for theater and teaching into two awesome clubs: 5th Grade Drama and 2nd grade Drama Club! 
    If you need to contact Miss Petrini with questions about drama club please DO NOT email her school account as her inbox fills up quickly. Instead, please email her at the drama club account:  swdrama2@gmail.com. Thank you for your cooperation.   
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