• Clifford School Enrichment Opportunities 
    Kindergarten - Comet Time Cycles is a pilot program for kindergarten which will be implemented from February through June.  The cycles will provide opportunities for students to participate in thematic lessons and activities for topics such as Reader's Theater, Oceanic Life, Space Exploration, and Technology Tools.
    Kindergarten Music Enrichment is presented to all kindergarten students.  Classroom lessons are held with a certified music teacher about once every 3 weeks.  Students 
    musical activities​ 
    that include singing, dancing, and playing instruments with a theme of Citizenship and Patriot Music.
    Stratton Enrichment Opportunities for Students:
    • Individual Classroom Differentiation
    • Weekly Comet Time
    • Enrichment Music, Art, Technology
    • Adaptive PE, Music, Art
    • Drama Club - 2nd Grade
    • Circle of Friends
    • After School Comet Clubs

    Stratton Comet Time 2016-17

    Each spring and summer, the Stratton Staff explores creative new ways to tweak the schedule in order to maximize and improve instructional time for our students, as well as make it as efficient as possible.  This is especially important for our at-risk learners, and students that would benefit from additional enrichment in a particular skill or interest area. This year, we have an opportunity to provide that for our students through a new pilot program initiative called Comet Time.  Our Comet Time block has been embedded into the daily schedule during 9th period (2:18-2:58) each day.  Through some creative planning, our teachers will devote this time to both support and enrich all of our students.  Some of the innovative programs that our teachers will introduce and explore with the students this school year are:  
    • STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math)

    • Science Labs and Data Collection

    • Social Studies Research Projects

    • Readers Theater

    • Yoga for the Body and Mind

    • Social Skills, Self Help and Citizenship

    • Physical Movement, Fitness and Dance

    • Healthy Habits and Personal Wellness

    • Music and Art Enrichment

    • Technology Skills using ipads and Google

    • Process Writing Activities and Publishing

    • Puzzles, Games and Riddles

    • Speaking and Listening Skills

    • Team and Collaboration Building Skills

    • World Cultures and Language
    Harker School Enrichment Opportunities 
    Comet Time is an acronym for Curriculum Opportunities in Math, ELA, and Technology that supports the Response to Intervention process and encompasses Tiers 1-3. The forty minute period provides flexibility to support and enrich students based on their individual needs as evidenced through teacher progress monitoring. 

    Comet Time Rotations is a pilot program involving three classes in grades 3-5 that will provide opportunities for advanced math, creative writing, and supplemental enrichment for forty minutes two times per week. 

    Enrichment World Language: Students in Enrichment World Language will use interactive notebooks to apply vocabulary at the conversational level.
    Enrichment Art: Students in Enrichment Art will focus on a specific cultures and will study art forms from the culture aligned to the multiculturalism and world culture theme in art.
    3rd Grade:

    Third grade
    ​ Enrichment Art students will​
     focus on art from Mexico and will create both 2D and 3D art forms based on cultural traditions. Some examples of the art forms that will be created are: Oaxacan animal carvings, clay Talaveras and Huichol weavings.
    4th Grade: 

    Fourth grade
    ​ ​
    Enrichment Art students will focus on the arts of Africa and will create both 2D and 3D art forms based upon cultural traditions. Some examples of the art forms that will be created are: Djembe drums, Kente cloth,  and masks. 

    5th Grade:

     grade Enrichment Art students will focus on Native American, American craft/folk arts, and Alaskan cultural traditions and will create 2D and 3D art forms. Some examples of the art forms that will be created are: Pacific Northwest totems, Inuit carvings, American Folk Art applique and quilts. 

    Enrichment Music
    3rd Grade:
    Third grade Enrichment Music ​students will 
     more advanced musical activities​
    ​ that include
     singing, playing instruments and playing musical games.

    4th Grade:
    ​Fourth grade Enrichment Music 
    students will ​
    continue to refine 
     musical skills while focusing on music from other cultures. 

    5th Grade:

    Fifth grade Enrichment Music students will enhance their knowledge of music theory while creating their own compositions.

    Enrichment Technology
    Students in grade 3-5 participating in the Enrichment Technology program will learn computer coding. Some of the resources utilized are code.org and Google CS-First. These two programs promote the use of basic block coding, teamwork and problem solving. 
    Hill Enrichment 
    Comet Time - Four periods are offered during our 6 day class rotation schedule to support and enrich students of all levels and abilities in their core academic areas.  Additionally, students participate in an independent 20 minute choice reading session to increase their exposure to literature.
    Enrichment Chorus - Select students participate in an in-depth vocal music program that introduces different aspects of choral music and performance.  The Select Chorus performs at both the Spring and Fall Concerts, as well as the HIgh Notes Festival.
    Enrichment Technology - Select students participate in a robotics program.  Students are provided the opportunity to extend their knowledge of computer coding as they work to program robots to perform various tasks.
    Enrichment Art - Select students are provided the opportunity to extend their skill and knowledge of art through themed project design.
    New Summer Program Opportunity Introduced in Summer 2016