• Hello and welcome to Ms. Regina and Ms. Gracie's ELA website!



    Please visit the following Google Site for more information: 





    For additional ELA support, please visit the following websites. They are great resources for additional reading, writing, and grammar support. 


    • https://newsela.com/ Newsela contains current articles at various levels. Great for students who struggle with non-fiction. Quizzes are also available to check comprehension. 

    • https://www.khanacademy.org/ Khan Academy contains videos that will help students learn about various ELA skills, but it specifically focuses on the elements of grammar. Online quizzes are available to check for understanding. 

    • https://www.commonlit.org/ Featured short stories and non-fiction articles. A valuable resource for students who struggle with reading comprehension. There are quizzes for texts as well.

    • Students can log onto these resources with their Google log-in information. 

    • Please e-mail me (sregina@swsdk6.com) or Ms. Gracie (vgracie@swsdk6.com) for additional questions or concerns!