WHS Academic Teams 2019/2020 School Year 

    Administration & Student Support Services:

    Dr. Scott J. Hogan (Building Principal)

    Ms. ChaeUn Hwang (Guidance Counselor & Anti-Bullying Specialist)

    Mrs. Rachel Ryman (School Social Worker and Building Case Manager for CST)


    Team Hale-Bopp (1st & 2nd Floor)

    Ms. Katelyn Hutchison (Science)

    Mrs. Jessie Clifford (Language Arts)

    Mrs. Nicole Collins (Math)

    Ms. Vivian Gracie (ICR Social Studies and Science)

    Mr. Ryan McVeigh (Self-Contained Special Education)

    Mrs. Lindsay Rieger (ICR Language Arts & Wilson Support)

    Mrs. Marissa Smith (ICR Math)

    Mr. Nick Leypoldt (Social Studies)

    Mrs. Cheryl Mervine (Language Arts)

    Mrs. Kelly Woronicak (Advanced Math and Pre-Algebra)

    Mrs. Jean Owens (Paraprofessional)


    Team Wolf (3rd Floor)

    Mr. Stan Coleman (Social Studies) & 6th Grade Academic Team Leader

    Ms. Samantha Regina (Language Arts)

    Mr. Daniel Owen (Math)

    Ms. Lauren Henry (Language Arts)

    Mrs. Kathleen Kennedy (ICR Social Studies and Science)

    Mrs. Lori Grelli (Pull Out Resource Math & ICR Science/Social Studies)

    Mrs. Kelly Pollitt (Pull Out Resource Language Arts)

     Mrs. Christina Hillen-Bauman (Science)

    Ms. Meghan Pattinson (ICR Language Arts & ACES Support)

    Ms. Sarah Henthorn (Math)

    Ms. Milissa Mastella (ICR Math & ACES Support)

    Mrs. Denise Squibb- ACES & 6th Grade Actitivities Coordinator



    Special Areas:

    Mrs. Deana Stone (ELL Support)

    Mrs. Lauren Fox (Music- A & B Days)

    Mrs. Laura Hubbard (Art- C & D Days)

    Mrs. Maria Sohn (STEM- E & F Days)

    Ms. Amanda Seal (World Cultures- E & F Days)

    Mr. Mike Forlano (Health & PE- A-D Days)

    Mr. Doug Tranz (Instrumental Music)