• #SWedesreads

    2019-2020 District Reading Initiative


    What is #SWedesreads?

    We want kids to WANT to read! Not only because the more you read then the more you know, (that is a fact), but because reading truly can unlock doorways into finding topics you enjoy and interests you may not even know you had. Please help us by encouraging students to take pictures of any reading they do outside of school and ask their families to post on appropriate social media sites using #SWedesreads.

    How can you participate in the #SWedesreads Initiative?

    To also be part of this inspiration, the Curriculum Office is asking YOU, our Champions of SWSD, to volunteer and let us video record you reading a short book. You can be on the camera as much or as little as you would like (we can record you holding the story or just say hello and keep the camera on the pages). We would love to have all different members of our Comet Community share their favorite books with students. If you are interested in reading, please email Dana Teague at dteague@swsdk6.com. All you need to bring is your favorite book to read or we could happily share a suggestion :)