• Welcome to Mrs. Peters' class!

    I look forward to working with your children.  “It’s not work, if it’s what you love to do!” My goal is to help your children progress socially, emotionally and academically.  Communicating with families is important to me.  There are no “unimportant questions”, feel free to always ask questions.  I will check my email daily and if you need to meet with me personally, just let me know. Kari Foote is our classroom's case manager and will be copied on all email correspondence to maintain communication with our program and families. She can be reached at kfoote@swsdk6.com Be sure to keep checking the calendar and article sections of the website for any updates/news pertaining to our classroom!  I am very excited to have April Pfeiffer and Adina Branco as team members.  We are all looking forward to teaching your children.  Our classroom is a peanut/nut free zone.

    Some of the students have related services.  If you are unsure whether or not your child has related services please refer to your child's IEP and/or you may contact me. The related service providers in my classroom during the 2022-2023 school year are the following with contact information:

    Occupational Therapist - Stephanie Sparks  ssparks@swsdk6.com

    Speech Therapist - Dawn Meyrick dmeyrick@swsdk6.com

    BCBA- Alayna Pasztalaniec apasztalaniec@swsdk6.com

    Physical Therapist- Laurel Delmar ldelmar@swsdk6.com


    A Little Bit About Me


    This is my 25th school year working/teaching in the special education field.  I started my career working with adults with disabilities before entering the teaching field. I have experience in both private and public school settings, as a teacher and learning consultant. I currently have the following NJ licenses: Teacher of the Handicapped, Elementary School Teacher in Grades K-6, Learning Disabilities Teacher-Consultant.

    Master Schedule

    8:25-9:15- Arrival/Breakfast/Morning Routine

    9:15-10:42- Functional Life Skills with Mrs. Cheadle

    10:44-11-24- Special Areas

    11:24-12:06- Recess/Lunch

    12:06-12:45- Sensory Activities

    12:45-2:00- Academic Skills/Social Skills with Mrs. Peters

    2:00-2:30- Self-Help/Motor Skills/Snack

    2:30-3:00- Motor Skills/Closing Routine/Dismissal



    The students will focus on their goals during this time frame related to math/reading/fine motor/social skill development, according to their Individualized Education Plans (IEP). Most activities can be combined simultaneously with the following activities:


    Activities related to the sensory processing system and developing the students' ability to develop how to calm down when stressed using a multi-sensory approach which includes: listening to music, tactile objects (fidgets), movement activities, visual activities- different lights, etc.  It is especially utilized after attending the general education settings for an extended period of time.


    Activities related to developing language development through play through peer interaction with staff and students. The students are reinforced to utilize different toys and activities in the classroom to engage the students socially through primary reinforcers.  The classroom staff guide students to use other materials other than  technology-based reinforcers.


    utilizing the playground equipment

    ball skills in the classroom

    movement activities through music

    obstacle courses designed for movement in the classroom


    using scissors for cutting

    tearing paper

    any activity utilizing the pincer grasp


    art projects


    opening/closing packages


    Bathroom routine

    Washing Hands

    Packing/Unpacking Backpacks

    Cleaning up

    Getting materials independently