"What's happening in PE class?"



    Winter Play

    Cold day,dark nights,
    the winter months upon us.
    Out come the coats and hats
    and don't forget the mittens.
    Time to bundle up and go outside and play,
    try sledding,skiing,or snowball fights
    as ways to keep you warm.
    No snow?
    don't worry, all is not lost.
    Just grab a friend and a ball
    go play a game of toss.

      Mrs. DiBella 

    Be active have fun -   Mr. Titus


    We just started our 2nd Unit, Teambuilding.  So for the next few months our focus will be having the students develop stronger teambuilding skills and learning how to support each other during activities.

    Stay Active~Mr. Lockman & Mrs. Mission 





    Keep on Running
    Mr. Forlano 
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