"What's happening in PE class?"


    During the month of April we will continue to work on balancing and manipulating our bodies and objects by throwing and catching. Students will be learning to throw with their dominant hand and step with their non-dominant foot. After we have worked on this skill for overhand and underhand, we willl begin to learn how to catch. Making sure to use our looking eye so that we can be successful at catching a ball or object.  Students will participate in activities such as throwing stations (centers), Blindside and Popcorn.  During this time, students will also be learning about cooperation and how we need to learn how to communicate and work together.          
       Mrs. DiBella 
    Be active have fun -   Mr. Titus


    We just started our 2nd Unit, Teambuilding.  So for the next few months our focus will be having the students develop stronger teambuilding skills and learning how to support each other during activities.

    Stay Active~Mr. Lockman & Mrs. Mission 





    Keep on Running
    Mr. Forlano 
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