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  Welcome to the Parent/Guardian Section of the
Swedesboro-Woolwich School District website


oncourse connect

  Login: OnCourse Connect Parent Portal   

 OnCourse Connect gives you a quick snapshot of your student's status at school. You will see the student's basic information, attendance, standards/grades, academic history, schedule, and homework if posted. 

OnCourse Connect User Guide    

Trimesters and Grade view:    

 Trimester 1:    12/15/23  4PM
 Trimester 2:     3/22/24   4PM
 Trimester 3:     6/14/24   4PM

Grade View in OnCourse Connect is available at the end of each trimester  

Report Card Key

 K-2 and Special Areas Scale      3-6 Grading Scale         3-6 Standards Based
 1    Does not meet the standard  A    90 - 100   +   Mastered
 2    Approaches the standard  B    80 - 89   -   Standard still in progress
 3    Meets the standard  C    70 - 79 NE    Not Evaluated at this time
 4    Exceeds the standard  D    60 - 69  
 NE   Not evaluated at this time  F    59 - below