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Comet Code - Core Ethical Values

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Core Ethical Values

  Are You Following the Code?   Core Ethical Values


The following core ethical values shall be the cornerstones of the Swedesboro-Woolwich Character Education Program:


A.    Respect


Students will demonstrate respect for other people, property, and the intellectual and creative products of others. Students will understand that genuine respect requires that each individual has a moral obligation to honor the essential worth and dignity of the individual, including oneself. Each person has a responsibility to be the best he or she can be in all situations.


B.    Responsibility


Students will be personal responsibility for their actions and the consequences of their actions whether positive or negative. Students will understand how each individual is accountable for their behavior. Being responsible in the active exercise of human rights is an essential duty for participation as a citizen in our democratic constitutional system of government.


C.    Caring


Students will demonstrate caring and empathy for other individuals. Students will understand that caring is the heart of ethics and is demonstrated in how we show our emotional concern toward all people.


D.    Peacemaking


Students will demonstrate peacemaking behaviors and kindness toward others. Students will be dedicated to the protection of younger, weaker, and more vulnerable individuals.  Students will exercise zero tolerance for cruelty of any kind in themselves and others like harassment, intimidation and bullying. Students will develop appreciation of justice and fairness and will understand that a just and fair person considers all points of view, listens to others, and balances truth in light of evidence.