• For too long politicians, governors and special interests have robbed Swedesboro-Woolwich School District of our State Aid. While our enrollment has boomed over the last fifteen years, State support for our schools has diminished. (See SWSD By The Numbers). Much of our hard earned tax dollars have been reallocated to Districts with declining enrollment while ignoring our needs here at home. Our community needs to tell Trenton we're fed up and demand that the School Funding Formula be funded so that we can provide the resources our kids need. Please take the time to tell the Governor, your 3rd District Legislators and our local Mayors that we've had enough! 


    Add your voice to those of public education advocates throughout the state. Tell the Governor you've had enough of unfair funding. Visit the Governor’s website here or use the sample letter here and mail to the following address below.


    The Honorable Chris Christie
    Office of the  Governor
    PO Box 001
    Trenton, NJ 08625
    (609) 292-6000


    Contact the Education Commissioner

    Tell New Jersey’s Commissioner of Education Kimberley Harrington that you are fed up with how badly Kingsway is underfunded by submitting your remarks here. If you prefer to mail a letter to the Commissioner, please send it to the following address:


    Kimberley Harrington,
    Acting Commissioner of Education
    NJ Department of Education
    P.O. Box 500
    Trenton, NJ  08625-0500


    • Senate Bill SCR119 passed the NJ Senate by a wide margin in September 2016 and had bi-partisan support. However, an Assembly version of the bill must be posted in the Assembly for the State Representatives to vote. As it stands, Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto refuses to post an Assembly version of Senate Bill SCR 119, thus giving little hope to Kingsway and our sending elementary school districts that the state funding imbalance will be corrected and our schools funded fairly.


      Contact Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto and tell him we are fed up with Trenton politics and to allow the NJ State Assembly to weigh in on this critical issue.


      Vincent Prieto,

      Assembly Speaker

      One Hamon Plaza, Suite 205

      Secaucus, NJ 07094

      Phone: (201) 770-1303

      Fax: (201) 770-1326