It's October!

Well, your children have really developed how to follow the classroom schedule and routine.  They understand the concept of "what happens next".  They have developed the understanding that after each "work" time frame, they earn a break.  The students have learned what reinforcers they like from around the classroom which include:  toys & games center, sensory center, library, or in some cases using technology.  Your children are developing the ability to make requests prior to getting upset, when it comes to their needs.  Although the communication sheets for my homeroom class demonstrate math, reading and fine motor, with related service providers as well, that is just a small portion of their daily routine.  We have group game activities, gross motor (obstacle course) activities, fine motor skill development activities, morning routine/afternoon routine which include some math/calendar/music & movement. They have increased the incremental time for work and we have been fading out the amount of time spent in breaks.  Pay close attention to our calendar as many things are occurring this month.  I am proud of how well they have adapted to the classroom and am looking forward to how much we can accomplish.