Welcome November


Please pay close attention to the calendar.  We have fall break and early dismissal days this month.  I am looking forward to parent/teacher conferences.  If you did not sign up for one, please do so.

This month we will focus on maintaining a consistent routine/daily schedule, while focusing on goals from their individualized education plans.

  • We will be collecting canned goods for the annual drive, which contributes to local food pantries.  Please donate some  canned goods if you are able to.
  • We have been taking a lot of pictures so your children can journal their experiences this year.  You will be receiving a fall book soon.  This way you can discuss what they have done at school through pictures.  It is motivating them to write or type some of their experiences.

Of course, if you have any questions/concerns regarding your children, please do not hesitate to contact me. This will be the only article for this month.