Week of 11/28/2022

By now our students have adjusted to many changes in their schedules from shortened days and extra time off from school.  Maintaining the master schedule has been invaluable to their stability and ability to adjust to the changes at school.  I am very proud of them this month. 

The excitement is definitely in the air as we approach the winter season of festivities.  Our classroom will be going to the Holiday Shop on Monday, December 5th.  Don't forget to send in cash in the provided envelope, if you'd like your child to participate.  Our Community Based Instruction (CBI) trip will be taking place on December 16th.  Our social stories will gear towards shopping and what to expect on that trip.  This is an instructional activity for our students within the community.  We are looking forward to seeing if the children generalize the skills from the classroom to the community.  Thanks for all of your continued support. 

This week we will continue working on their individualized education plan goals, along with all skills related to the VB-MAPP.  We will also begin the Dynamic Learning Maps state assessment this week.  

As always if there are any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. Let's have a great week!