Last weeks in January

Dear Families,

I am impressed by how well the students transitioned back into the classroom after the winter break.  They certainly know their schedules/routines.  I have been adding new activities into their schedules, which include: exercises/dances (imitation skills)/obstacle courses.  They have been adapting to changes and new activities.  Our afternoons are so busy now because they appear to be enjoying the new movement activities.  The afternoon seems to be "flying by".  They are definitely more alert.  The last ten minutes are the hardest for them to get through as, you can see in their eyes, they are "done".  


We will continue to focus on their IEP goals and social/emotional well-being with regards to following the routine/schedule.  I am also having higher expectations for remaining in designated areas for work stations, group time, etc.  Again, I am very proud of them.  The students are being reminded to make verbal requests when they need or want something.  Flexible seating is always recommended and allowed as needed.  Additionally, I have been providing more 1 & 2-step directions throughout the day to see how well they follow them: Unpacking bookbags, packing bookbags, throwing items in the trash, cleaning up, setting up activities, turning lights on/off, etc.


 I feel like it's spring vs. winter as I never know how warm/cold it will be.  Trying to explain to the children that we may have a cloudy/rainy/sunny day all on the same day is difficult.  However, the students have even adapted well to the changes of daily schedules regarding recess:  playground, the yard, or indoor recess because of the weather changes. Lastly, we are very proud of how well they are progressing.  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.  Enjoy the rest of January!