Marching through March

Dear Families,

During this month, the second trimester ends on March 10th.  We will be conducting our VB-MAPP assessment to determine their current levels.  There is a coin drive during the week of 3/20/2022.  The book fair for Mrs. Cheadle's class takes place on 3/29/2023.  The book fair for Mrs. Peters' class takes place on 3/30/2023.

Our students will continue working on following their schedules.  My expectations continue to increase to develop their independent skills, specifically with knowing what comes next in their schedules, unpacking their bookbags, hanging their items up, cleaning up, requesting help or preferred items, etc.  

Social stories for this month will include the students' names, address, phone numbers.  The Books of the Month will be: 

  • Leprechaun, Leprechaun, What Do You See?
  • Let's Go Fishing
  • Let's Make Lemonade
  • Let's Plant a Flower Garden 
  • What Do You See In The Spring?
  • Spring Activities
  • How Does a Plant Grow?
  • Where is the Duckling?
  • My Personal Information
  • It's Easter
  • Where is Bunny Hiding?

Our new behavior specialist:  Miss Alayna introduced our class to boom cards.  They will be used as a reinforcement in an independent station for skills that the students have already acquired.  It will help develop their generalization skills. For any new skills, the boom card activities will be used as a supplemental instruction activity.    

I have been changing some of the afternoon schedule around with either going outside in place of storytime OR going to the bathroom before snack OR having snack before bathroom to get the students to check their schedule and to follow it.  So far, they are adjusting well.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out.  If there are social stories that you may benefit from at home, please speak with me and we can come up with something together.  Have a great month!