Annual Classroom Coin Drive!

Book Fair Coin Drive Returns!

The Spring Scholastic Book Fair is coming and that means we are preparing for our Annual Classroom Coin Drive!

Each homeroom class throughout the District will collect a specific coin each day of the week. The total collected from each classroom will be utilized to fulfill the wishlist for their classroom library! Additionally, the Scholastic Possible Fund will match our total collection and donate that matched total to students in need nationwide through organizations such as Kids in Need Foundation, Reader to Reader and National Center for Families Learning.


Coin Drive Dates:

Clifford - March 20-24

Stratton - March 13-17

Harker - March 20-24

Hill - March 20-24


Merry-go-round Monday : donate pennies
Ticket Tuesday : donate nickels
Welcome Wednesday : donate dimes
Trampoline Thursday : donate quarters
Fun house Friday : anything goes…donate any coins or bills!